The Northern Farm Equestrian Park is a Managed Open Access Equestrian Recreational Area that caters for all riding disciplines and levels. 

The Northern Farm User Group is a Section 21 company that was formed in 2003 to manage the recreational activities on the Northern Farm (Diepsloot Nature Reserve). 

We are a non profit company where any excess revenue is used to promote recreational development for all who live in Gauteng. Our mandate ensures that we include community involvement and recreational activity development. 

The Northern Farm Equestrian Park (NFEP) is an extension of the current very successful “Managed Open Access” activities of mountain biking, birding, hiking, walking and equestrian. These projects have been extremely successful and will partially fund this new venture – NFEP. In turn NFEP will fund and promote an equestrian development project in the future. 


The park is situated in Johannesburg North at the equestrian entrance gate to Northern Farm, (GPS co-ordinates S 25^56’34.7”  E 27^57’34.3”E). The ground levy for horse riders is R150 payable to NFEP bank account and p.o.p. must be presented at the gate. Contact Anita on 082 929 7807 for more info.  The park is open on weekends, public holidays and most of Dec

We aim to provide the equestrian community with a one stop quality venue which will be able to host both local and international events as well as training shows. The Park will cater for the following riders: 

Show Jumpers, Dressage, Eventing, Endurance, Western trail riding, Cross country, General hacking, Etc.


- The farm is only open on weekends and public holidays.


- Please read the "Rules of the farm" to familiarize yourself with what is allowed and what is not.

Enjoy your visit!




1. Entrance of R150 per rider must be pre-paid into NFEP bank account and proof of payment to be shown at gate. Please also fill in details on form at gate.


2. NFEP is open every weekend and public holidays from 7.30 am till 3pm (you must leave by 3pm).

Weekday riding must be organised with Anita 082 929 6807

3.. No helmet, no ride, no exceptions


4. No driving of vehicles beyond parking areas


5. News of events available on FaceBook page 'NFEP'



1. No fire arms allowed

2. No noise or loud music

3. No misuse of alcohol - no drunkenness

4. No littering - take rubbish with you

5. Do not feed any animals

6. No snaring/trapping of animals

7. No picking of, or damaging plants

8. Stay on designated pathways and roads

9. Do not swim in any of the dams or the river

10. Do not drink water from the river or dams, only drink from designated taps

11. Use the toilet provided

12. No lighting of fires in undesignated areas - ONLY at designated braai areas at clubhouse

13. No unaccompanied minors

14. Please close any gates you open

15. No pollution of any kind

16. NO DOGS!